Being Thankful For My Next Breath

In Sunday school last Sunday morning, our teacher showed us a quote from someone (nobody we knew, and not a famous person — just someone who’s grateful) who made us all stop and think.

The quote, displayed too small for us to read from our seats but quoted aloud by our teacher, expressed gratefulness toward the kinds of things we all take for granted — I mean, all of us. How often do we stop and think, for instance, of how happy we should be that we’re breathing? Are we grateful for life? Grateful for the next breath of good air that we will be taking in the next split-second?

No, I would assume not. We are too easily swallowed up by our cares to be grateful for the thing that we should be most grateful about in our lives — that is, life itself.

The person who was quoted by our Sunday school teacher said that he will try very hard to understand that life itself is a miracle.

I sometimes ponder that the smartest people in the world still are not able to explain how or why we exist at all. Science can only do so much. At best, it can only explain how things work, but it still can’t get off the dime explaining how there should be sentient self-aware entities like ourselves who can laugh, create and solve problems. Indeed, scientists cannot even begin to explain why anything exists at all. Why should there be any kind of matter in the universe? Heck, why should there be a universe?

For those questions, we need to go to the theologian. And even the theologian cannot explain well enough to explode all the mysteries of God’s creation.

I’m going to try to think some more about all these things during our family Thanksgiving. Of course I daily thank the Lord for my wife, my family, and all the other good things I’ve been provided. But this year I’m going to try to dig deeper — deeper into my need, not only for thankfulness, but for wonder.