Drop The Kaepernick Blather, Already

ESPN continues to be hell-bent on shaming some NFL franchise into putting marginal quarterback and national anthem sittee Colin Kaepernick on its roster, going so far on Friday as to call every NFL owner a coward, or worse.
So just once I’d like to see the following conversation between an ESPN broadcaster and an owner:
ESPN: “I’d like to ask you one question, sir. When are you going to sign Colin Kaepernick?”
OWNER: “I don’t plan to sign Mr. Kaepernick.”
ESPN: “But why? Don’t you think somebody should? Surely you must be aware that the league is blackballing this courageous young man because of his political stand. Surely you must feel that the fact that Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed is a damaging mark on the right of free expression in this country.”
OWNER: “What I actually feel is that Mr. Kaepernick is, for one, a pretty lousy quarterback, and secondly, that his antics last season were a slap in the face to every American who truly respects his country. I don’t disagree that Mr. Kaepernick can insult half of America in such a manner if he wants to, but I reserve the right not to be brow-beaten into putting him on my team and alienating a sizable portion of my fan base.”
ESPN: (sputtering uncontrollably…) “But … but …”
OWNER: “I have a better idea. Why doesn’t ESPN employ Mr. Kaepernick on its network? Perhaps you can give him his own show. I mean, it’s a no-brainer isn’t it? It would be the perfect match, at least from a political standpoint.”
ESPN: (sputtering again…) “Uh … uh…”


Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if some desperate NFL team, succumbing to ESPN’s relentless pressure or because of an unexpected injury, signs Kaepernick to stand on the sideline and hold a clipboard. It may even occur by the end of this week.
What’s even more obvious, however, is that ESPN’s neverending, sanctimonious left-wing blather is getting ridiculous.
Enough, already, ESPN, and stop turning your sports network into radical left political tool. You know as well as I do that you’re the worst kind of hypocrites — if Kaepernick had taken a knee to protest abortion on demand, or corruption in the Obama administration, you would have vigorously applauded his so-called NFL banishment.
I chuckle when I think back to your self-serving discussions on why NFL television viewership took a noticeable nosedive in 2016. Surely, you said, it had very little to do with Kaepernick exercising his constitutional rights to protest the alleged bigotry of police departments across this country (and the NFL’s obsequious glorifying of his capers).
But recently, a market research company surveyed 9,200 fans and found that “national anthem protests were the top reason that NFL fans watched fewer games last season.”
What a surprise!
To most of us, of course, it’s no surprise at all. But to ESPN, of course it is.