Nothing To Report

I really have nothing interesting to write about today in this blog.
For me, it’s not such a bad thing. Like one of my favorite songs, “Comfortably Numb,” we all need to kick back and let minds go to neutral from time to time. For my blog readers, however (which number literally in the dozens, if you add up all the people from my church), it’s probably not such a good thing. They’ve all opened the paper, saw my mug shot, and expected to peruse something marvelously witty.
On days like this, when I’m reasonably content and willing to go from one activity to the next without thinking too much about it (and let’s be honest; you’ve done it, too), I can only hope that the autopilot in my brain gets me through the day.
No need to worry. I’m getting all my work done. I’m just not feeling very creative. I painted our deck last weekend and need time to recover. Before that, I played Worthington High School tennis standout Andrew Johnson in a friendly game, and I think I’m still recovering from that, too (not my body so much; my psyche).
I don’t wish to write about it. Or even to think about it, for that matter.
I’m a sports editor, so I could blog something else about sports, but I’m just not in the mood. I could be like those motor mouths on ESPN-TV and predict who will win the World Series, but let’s just be honest about it — nobody knows. So let’s just wait and see.
I enjoy writing about my family, especially my grandkids. There’s a wonderful Facebook video of Kari and Mike’s boys dancing on their freshly-painted deck, but you probably won’t find it half as funny as their grandfather. I guess you’ve got to be a grandpa, yourself, to get the full impact.
Oh, let’s see … What else can I waste your time with?
I’m reading another book. I read lots of books. This one is historical and it’s called “December 1941,” and I guess you probably have already guessed what it’s about. What happened on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, got my dad sent to war. I’m so very glad he was able to get back.
I’m thinking again about writing another short story or two. It’s a hobby of mine. I self-publish them. Problem is, I don’t have a good subject yet. I tend to come up with about two-dozen ideas each month, but I hardly like any of them after I sleep on it.
I was thinking, maybe, I’d like to write a history of the PJs Lounge men’s fast-pitch softball team that I had so many happy years with. It was quite a team, and I had quite a lot of interesting teammates. But, naaaaa. I’d probably say something about Johnny or Dave that they wouldn’t appreciate. It’s tough being a writer, you know.
Well, if I come up with a good subject, I’ll let you know.
Sorry I don’t have anything interesting to talk about otherwise. I’m just not very interesting today, I guess. I’ll try to be better next time.
But if we’re really going to be frank about this … if you’ve now made it to the very end of this blog, how interesting could YOU be? I mean, don’t you have anything better to do?