How ’bout Them Twins

OK, well, you just never know. Just as I was making a smart remark in my last blog about the Minnesota Twins’ unlikely chances to move into contention for the American League Central division race, here they go looking like they could actually contend, after all. Prior to today’s game (Tuesday) against Kansas City the Twins were four and a half games behind Detroit and three and a half behind second place Cleveland.
Third place is nothing to sneeze at.
Are they going to actually give the Tigers a run?
Probably not. The Tigers, on paper, ought to eventually run away from everybody else in the division and hide. Before the season began, in fact, one very knowledgeable Twins fan discussed the Tigers and Twins starting pitching situation with me and said that the Tigers’ fifth-best starter, Rick Porcello, was better than the very best Twins starter.
The Tigers also have a great offense.
Problem is, titles are never won on paper. The Tigers have had the best team in the division, on paper, in other recent years, but they haven’t always come through. The Twins have a history of playing better than their talent shows on paper.
Will the Twins be in the race in August? Probably not. My prediction is that they just don’t have the firepower for the long haul.
But then, what do I know? It’s not paper they’re playing on, but grass.